Bat Mitzvah Planning and Checklist Guide

Checklists can improve the outcome of any event. As you start your bat mitzvah planning, use a checklist to keep you organized. Your checklist should include the bat mitzvah schedule, guest list, venue, food, decorations, activities, photography, vendors as well as the cost and budget of your party. Add additional details that may relate to your party. Use these terms to come up with notes and cross off each subject as you complete it.

Your bat mitzvah planning checklist will streamline the party planning process. The more leg work you do in the beginning of your planning process, the less likely you will be stressed as the day of the bat mitzvah arrives. Use one of the suggestions below to create a bat mitzvah planning checklist of your own tailored to your favorite way of staying organized.

Bat mitzvah planning
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Research Bat Mitzvah Party Ideas

As with any major endeavor, before creating your checklist, you should be knowledgeable about the checklist topic.

Do Bat Mitzvah research and get a clear idea of what kind of Bat Mitzvah party you would like to throw. Try to figure out your party theme and have a general idea of the party location, happenings, food, and music before creating your checklist.

If you need Bar Mitzvah party ideas and recommendations, try checking out or this article on Bat Mitzvah Party Themes. Pinterest can be especially helpful and is a great way to visually organize your theme ideas.

Gold Foil Confetti Frame Bat Mitzvah Invitation by
Gold Foil Confetti Frame Bat Mitzvah Invitation by


Evernote Bat Mitzvah Checklist

A lot of people enjoy making Evernote checklists. Evernote is a software that specializes in note-taking and archiving. With Evernote you can create photo, voice, or written notes. It’s fairly intuitive and easy to use.

You can purchase the software online or download a free version, although it is more restrictive. You can download the app from The app is also available on iPhone, android, and blackberry  devices.

Use this handy app throughout your bat mitzvah planning  to create an organized checklist.

Classic Pen and Paper Bat Mitzvah Checklist

This checklist method is simple and accessible. You can create your bat mitzvah checklist on a piece of paper or dedicate an entire journal or notebook to your party planning. Pick up a journal or pad of paper at your local office supply store.

Consider the size of notebook or notepad you purchase. You’ll want to be able to carry it around with you so you can easily carry your lists around with you and add notes as ideas come to you. A great benefit of pen and paper checklists is you’ll have access to it any time you need it. Plus, scribbling down ideas on paper is fast and easy. It’s also great for individuals inexperienced with modern forms of technology.

Check out and create your very own custom notebook or personalized planner to help you make lists and keep track of your planning.


Every Day is a Gift Custom Planner by
Every Day is a Gift Custom Planner by

Get Help Online

There are many websites that offer printable Bat Mitzvah planning checklists. Check out Jewish Journal’s article B’nai Mitzvah Checklist—what to do and when to do it to see an example of Bat or Bar Mitzvah schedule.

Their schedule includes planning details from the day of the event to two years prior. This method is great because you’ll be following a plan crafted by an experienced source.

Exploring different Bat Mitzvah websites will also help you come up with ideas of your own. You pull from multiple sources to create one super bat mitzvah planning tool.

Microsoft Excel Bat Mitzvah Planning

If you are savvy with spreadsheets and love having all your info on your computer, you can create organized and neat checklists using Microsoft Excel.

Check out for a nice selection of pre-formatted excel checklists. You can download a number of great checklist templates and personalize them using Microsoft Excel.

These checklists are great because they’re relatively easy to modify and you can print them out on the spot. This is a really great option for people who like staying organized by using their computer.

Bat Mitzvah planning
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Read a Book

It’s not hard to see why checklists benefit our society in many ways. They minimize error and ensure that proper work gets done.

Learn more about the positive outcomes of checklists via Atul Gawande’s book, Checklist Manifesto. Gawande’s book will help you craft a great bat mitzvah checklist. You can also use the knowledge you gain to create a number of other useful, everyday checklists.

Here are a few basic checklist how-tos recommended in the Checklist Manifesto.

1) Keep Them Short and Simple

Try to avoid spelling out every word and detail in your checklist. Long, wordy lists are boring and distracting. Keeping your list short and simple will make it easier to follow, understand, and remember.

2) Use Task Checks for Dumb but Critical Stuff

Sometimes we tend to forget simple or monotonous tasks. Make sure to include small responsibilities in your checklist, because these are the ones you will most likely forget.

3) Use Communication Checks for Complex Stuff

Communication checks are great for simplifying situations. You can plan ahead for potential problems via creating side notes that confront problematic outcomes. For example, if you are planning on contacting a photographer for your Bat Mitzvah, your checklist may look something like this:

Hire Photographer

  • Contact Concept Photography (888-888-8888), see if a photographer is available for 02-23-13   5pm-10pm
  • If Photographer is not available, contact Regal Photography (888-888-8999)
  • If photographer is not available, contact Rose Smith (888-999-9999)

Create Numerous Checklists

After finishing your Bat Mitzvah checklist you can create more for your party planner, the Bat of honor, the photographer, and whoever else may need one.

This will give you a chance to communicate your needs with other individuals involved in the party. They will appreciate your input and your party will be more likely to turn out how you want it.

A bat mitzvah is such a special time for your family. Use these tools to help you stay organized and stress-free. Best of luck to you as you plan this magnificent occasion!


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