Bat Mitzvah Invitation Wording

A Bat Mitzvah celebration commemorates a child’s transition from girlhood to womanhood. For this momentous occasion, you’ll need to find the appropriate Bat Mitzvah invitation wording to inform your friends and family.

You’ll need to select sweet and concise wording. You’ll also need to include the party location, time, happenings, and requirements in the invitation.

Your invitation should also match the party theme and atmosphere. If it’s a casual Bat Mitzvah party, use your invitation to prepare your guests for this style of occasion.

Selecting the perfect Bat Mitzvah invitation wording can be challenging, but don’t fear. Use this list for wording ideas and inspiration.

Bat Mitzvah Invitation Wording


Turquoise and Black Chevron Bat Mitzvah Invitation by
Turquoise and Black Chevron Bat Mitzvah Invitation by


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Formal Bat Mitzvah Invitation Wording

For an event as important as a Bat Mitzvah, it’s not a bad idea to keep things formal. Set a formal mood by sending your guests formal invitations, inscribed with formal Bat Mitzvah invitation wording.

When composing formal invitations you should avoid using slang and abbreviations  You’ll also want to spell out names, numbers, dates and times.

For formal invitation wording ideas and inspiring, check out the examples below. If you are interested in purchasing formal Bat Mitzvah invitations  try checking out PurpleTrail’s customizable Bat Mitzvah Invitations.

Please join us


Pam Laura Robin’s

Bat Mitzvah Celebration

Friday, the twenty second of December

two thousand and thirteen

at seven o’clock in the evening

Please come prepared for dinner, fun, games, and dancing

Please wear formal attire

The party will be held at our apartment located at

two hundred second avenue north

Seattle, Washington


You are invited to a Bat Mitzvah ceremony in honor of

Susan Elizabeth Jones

Festivities will be held

Thursday, the third of May

two thousand thirteen

Come prepared for dancing, dinner, gifts, and games

Please come dressed in formal attire

The celebration will be held at

Greeneway Convention Center

two hundred

Pine Street

Madison, Wisconsin

Bat Mitzvah Invitation Wording Ideas
Photo courtesy of Hamed Saber.

In honor of

Kelly Ann Bell

and her

Bat Mitzvah

we are holding a celebration

Friday, the second of June

two thousand thirteen

at our beach house

three hundred, Ocean View Way

Seattle, Washington


We cordially invite you to join us in celebrating the Bat Mitzvah of our daughter

Melissa Clair Monroe

 a celebration will be held

Friday, the second of March

two thousand thirteen

at our home

three hundred, Red Rock Avenue

Seattle, Washington

Informal Bat Mitzvah Invitation Wording

If you are planning a fun and casual Bat Mitzvah celebration, send your friends and loved ones informal invitations.

Your invitations will need the perfect casual wording. When composing informal invitation wording, remember to keep things short and simple. Try using abbreviations, symbols, and slang. Using this kind of language will cut wording length, as well as give your invitation a fun and casual appearance.

Check out some of the informal Bat Mitzvah wording examples below for ideas.

It’s time to celebrate!

Join us for Karen Black’s Bat Mitzvah Bash

come prepared for fun, gifts, games, swimming and more

Please wear casual attire

if you’re a swimmer bring fitting attire as well as a towel

The party will be held



Hillside Inn

200, 2nd Ave

Seattle, WA


Come celebrate with us!

We are holding festivities in honor of our daughter

Beth Belling

in respect of her

Bat Mitzva

The party theme is DANCE

Be ready to cut a rug, bunny hop, and boogie in honor of the special Bat-to-be

the fun starts

11.02.2013 at 3:00 pm


Formal Hebrew Name Bat Mitzvah Booklet Invitation by
Formal Hebrew Name Bat Mitzvah Booklet Invitation by


Join us for fun and games


Nancy Drew’s

Bat Mitzvah Blowout

Ready yourself for cake, gifts, kite flying, and music

this is a fun, comfortable, outdoor party

come dressed in casual attire

we are holding the large celebration at

Green Park


Join us for

Chelsey Maine’s

Bat Mitzvah Princess Ball

Come prepared for dancing, dinner, gifts, and cakes

Please wear formal attire to this special princess themed ball

We look forward to seeing you


3:00 PM


Blue Room Ballroom

Descriptive Bat Mitzvah Invitation Wording

If you’re interested in packing a lot of information into your invites, this method is appropriate for you.

Using descriptive wording is great for individuals who are planning on adding a lot of party details, directions, or inspiring quotes to their Bat Mitzvah invites.

You can also use this style of writing to share a list of the Bat of honor’s accomplishments with your guests. This will impress the guests and give them something to discuss at the Bat Mitzvah celebration.

Check out the wording examples below for ideas and recommendation.

 We request the pleasure of your company at

Laura Ann Bow’s

Bat Mitzvah Celebration

We are throwing a party to honor Laura’s spiritual transition from childhood to womenhood. This is a very important day for our daughter. We ask that you share with her your love and support on her special day.

Festivities will be held

10.12.2012 at 3:00 pm

at our home

2000, 3rd Ave

Seattle, WA


“Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.” Jeremiah 6:16

Julia Mills has come to a new crossroads in her life

Please join us to celebrate in honor of her

Bat Mitzvah

Come prepared for swimming, camping, and fun

Please bring swimming attire, sleeping bag, tent and change of clothes

Festivities will be held

11/12/2013 at 6:00 PM

at our home

320, Green Ln

Seattle, WA


 “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

Join us for Martha Ann Jone’s very special

Bat Mitzvah Celebration

We are celebrating her spiritual transition from childhood to womanhood

Please come prepared for dinner, gifts, and dancing

Come dressed in formal attire

We’re holding festivities at

Martin Luther Convention Center

300, White St.

Seattle, WA


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